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Shipping Deadlines!

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Giving gifts far and wide is a hallmark of the holiday season! To help everyone plan ahead and facilitate smooth gift-giving, we have released our Christmas Shipping Deadlines. Use this handy chart to decide how and when is the best way for you to ship your gift to loved ones.

shipping deadlines

A few things to remember:

  • You need to order by 11:00 am MST on the cut-off day for your package to make it!
  • Christmas is on a Monday this year, which is trickier when shipping since most companies don't deliver on Saturday or Sunday. This chart plans for your package to arrive on Friday, Dec. 24th.
  • We would LOVE to be able to guarantee your Christmas delivery, but we just can't. UPS and the Post Office may have holiday related delays or bad weather that is out of our control. "Order Early So You Don't Worry!"
  • The deadline for using Free Shipping and still getting your package there by Christmas is Dec. 17th. We'll still offer free shipping after that, but it may not arrive in time.
So, before you hit the order button, check the chart! We have lots of great shipping options to get your package on time for the big day! If you're not sure what to do, give us a holler at 844-SUN-TAIL or We love making dreams come true at any time, but especially at Christmas!!

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