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Mermaid Photo Shoot Ideas

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Mermaid Photo Shoot Ideas

Whether you are a professional cosplayer or you are simply hoping to get some Under the Sea vibes, you may be searching for mermaid photoshoot ideas. Let's face it, there's something magical about these mystical creatures, and the pictures that can come from a shoot can be amazing to boost your social media influence or just live a dream you've had of becoming a mermaid for the day. Ariel may have longed for land, but there's plenty of girls who long to be mermaids.

With our mermaid photoshoot ideas, you'll be able to put together the perfect images to make your dream come true. We have options for younger girls as well as adults who can go a little more all-out in the shoot. Check out our ideas below!

For the Littlest Mermaid:

  • Set her up in a mermaid tail skirt and an Adirondack chair on the beach. Who says these little sea creatures can't sit in chairs? This is a great way to put her closer to the water, without running the risk of her getting into the waves.
  • Put her in the sand. Place your littlest one in the sand on a beach towel with some shells around her and the ocean in the background of the shot. Again, this way she can't get hurt by getting too close to the water, but she can still have her fun in the sun.
  • Add some Disney-themed props. Flounder and Sebastian may be her favorite stuffed animals, and if that's the case, there's no reason not to include them in her photos.

For the Young Mermaids in Training:

You can get a little more creative and allow these young mermaids in the water, which allows for different shoots.

  • Set her up on a treasure chest, and let her pose in all the different ways looking at her treasure.
  • During low tide, set her up in the damp sand and take a few photos from different angles, making sure she is fins up!
  • Don't forget to accessorize, every mermaid needs a good flower in her hair!

For the Older Mermaids:

  • If you're still searching for your prince, set yourself up on some rocks near the water to look out for him and get some amazing pictures at the same time.
  • Go underwater! If your photographer is up for it, take some pictures under the sea, literally.
  • Accessorize with flowers in your hair, seashells nearby, and don't forget a few pieces of seaweed laid on the fin artistically.
  • Dress as your favorite mermaid or create your own mermaid look.

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  • can’t wait to enter the photo contest!

    Anna ledbetter on

  • I love my new mermaid tail! It’s very soft.

    Anna ledbetter on

  • I love the ideas in your blog!!! Many of my students have loved & used your products! Thank you so much your great products!!

    C Courtney Walker on

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