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History of Mermaids

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History of Mermaids

Mermaids have been recognized and discussed around the world for years. They have equally captivated and mystified people since as early as ancient Greek times. The history of mermaids is long and storied, and while the belief is still that mermaids don't exist, there are still sightings to this very day of people seeing mermaids while out exploring the wide-open sea.

Whether you are a believer or you just want to dress the part of this mythical creature, the history of mermaids is a fascinating thing to know and helps you to understand where the fascination of this half human half fish comes from.

The first step in the history of mermaids is understanding there are also mermen and merpeople. Merpeople, but especially mermaids, have made appearances in folklore worldwide. In some cases, mermaids are associated with death, destruction, floods, storms, shipwrecks, and sailors drowning. In other cases, they are benevolent, helpful creatures who can even fall in love with humans, along the lines of the Little Mermaid.

Greek Mythology often referenced Sirens, who are often associated as being similar to mermaids, though they were originally described as being half-bird and half-humans. Historically, it is believed that many of these siren or mermaid sightings are actually manatees or other aquatic mammals, however sightings continue on to this very day, despite any evidence besides in mythology and folklore.

Since early human history, mermaids have become a popular subject of art and literature, including the fairytale The Little Mermaid, and since then, the mermaid craze has far surpassed that as there are numerous movies and tv shows about merpeople. In most tv shows and movies, they are depicted as being very friendly to humans, though a few do take a darker twist to them.

Pirates and sailors from hundreds of years ago have claimed to see mermaids, some even avoiding certain waters to not run into mermaids that could sink the ship. There are reports even as late as the 2010's that speak of people seeing mermaids in the water and such sightings have even caused people to stop doing work due to mermaids harassing them.

Mermaids also now are used as entertainment, and the idea behind mermaids has only grown since its beginning. Now, you can purchase mermaid tails to become one yourself, and many people wish to dress up as mermaids for photoshoots and cosplay purposes. There are even mermaid lessons, where people are taught how to swim with fins and dressed as mermaids.

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