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Shark Fin + Monofin Set

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The SwimFin shark fin is made for swimming. Worn on the back, it gives the arms and body complete freedom of movement. Combined with our Monofin swim fin, the result is extra fun in the pool!

Monofin Size

This bundle includes our Keiki mermaid (or merman) monofin in black for double the fun! The Keiki fits kids ages 6 - 12 (up to a size US women's 7 shoe size).

Shark Fin Size

SwimFin comes in one size only but is adjustable to fit children to adults.

Buoyancy and Flotation Device

The Shark Fin provides buoyancy and functions as a floating device for kids just learning to swim, and it's loads of fun for older, stronger swimmers who just want to play shark in the pool. SwimFin is also a flotation device that complies with international safety standards. And after it has done its job as a learning aid, SwimFin will always find use as a fun water toy!

The monofin swim flipper is NOT a flotation device or buoyancy aid.  It has a neutral buoyancy weight to better help propel little mermaids, mermen, and sharks through the water using the dolphin kick.

Both the SwimFin and the Monofin must be used under constant, capable supervision.

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