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Mermaid Tails for Kids

Toddler tails are for younger mermaids who aren't ready for a monofin yet.  

Size XS fits ages 2 - 3, and S fits kids ages 4 - 5.

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toddler mermaid skirt

Toddler Tails fit like a skirt

These tails are easy to walk in. The overall fit is looser and shorter for fun and safety. It is normal for feet to show. Note: Toddler tails do not come with Monofins.


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Let your little one live their dreams in vibrant color with our realistic mermaid tails! Our mermaid tails for kids bring all the wonder of this beautiful sea creature to life for a fun gift they are sure to love. With our toddler mermaid tail collection, let even the littlest fan of the sea make a splash!

These toddler tails are for younger mermaids who aren't ready for a monofin yet but still want to get in on the fun. Made with safety and comfort at their core, our toddler mermaid tail is designed to let the feet show through the opening at the bottom. This makes them easy to walk in for a fun way to play dress up, as well as easy to swim in with proper adult supervision. The toddler tail fits like a skirt with an overall fit that is looser and shorter to allow for fun and safety. Our fun tails come in size XS which fits ages 2-3, and S which fits ages 4-5 so you can find the right fit for your little one to embrace their inner mermaid. Choose from a range of colors to match her personality. Whether looking for a pastel option, blue lagoon hue, or a multi-colored rainbow style, we have an option here for any mermaid in the making. Regardless of which color is right for her, all of our tails have realistic scales with a bit of sparkle for added appearance. With their lively color and scale graphic, your little one could pass for the real deal! These skirts are great for dress up or special photo opportunities along the seashore. What little girl doesn't dream of being a mermaid? Make all her dreams come true with a beautiful mermaid tail for kids in her favorite color!

Note: Toddler tails do not come with monofins and are not designed for use with one. If your mermaid is a strong enough swimmer for a fin, you can shop our kid's selection for all her mermaid needs.