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Designer Child Mermaid Tails

Premium Mermaid Tails for Toddlers and little kids photo photography

Toddler tails are for younger mermaids who aren't ready for a monofin yet.  

Size XS fits ages 2 - 3, and S fits kids ages 4 - 5.

Premium Designer Tails

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toddler mermaid skirt

Toddler Tails fit like a skirt

These tails are easy to walk in. The overall fit is looser and shorter for fun and safety. It is normal for feet to show. Note: Toddler tails do not come with Monofins.

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There is no age limit or minimum on being a mermaid. We believe everyone can be a mermaid, from the littlest mermaid to the oldest mermaid. However, the littlest ones cannot be swimming in a mermaid tail that features a monofin for obvious safety concerns. Luckily, our toddler mermaid tails are perfect for your smaller mermaids as they are designed with our mermaid tail material, but they don't have the monofin for swimming. Our designer child mermaid tails are perfect for the little ones because they are easy to walk in and have a looser and shorter fit for fun and safety.

We have a variety of colors in our selection of designer kids mermaid tails. Our top selling Aurora Borealis color is a great option for your little mermaid, but we also have the classic siren green or even a dragon tail if you want more of a sea creature vibe. Our realistic kids mermaid tails will bring your child's biggest fantasy to life and turn them into a real-live mermaid. We know that your little one is not ready for a swimmable tail just yet, which is why we keep their feet free in these toddler mermaid tails.

All of our toddler mermaid tails are made of the same high-quality material as our other tails, just with the convenience of open feet. They'll offer the same shimmer and shine and are perfect for your little one to be swimming in. They also work great for a variety of photoshoots if your littlest hasn't quite mastered swimming.

If you have any questions about our realistic kids mermaid tails, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you with finding the right size or color.