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When to Replace a Monofin

When to Replace a Monofin

When you shop our selection of mermaid tails and monofins, we have a guarantee that we will replace a monofin within a year of regular use if it happens to become damaged or torn during use. However, after a couple of years, it is likely you will need to replace your monofin. After all, even the most high-quality products aren't designed to last forever. However, if you're new to the mermaid world, you may be wondering, when to replace a monofin. There are some tried and true things to look for that will let you know it's time to get a new one.

When to Replace a Monofin:

So before we get into the signs you need to watch for to replace a monofin, let's give a brief overview of what a monofin is and does. These swimfins were traditionally used in underwater activities like free diving and fin-swimming, and we've adapted them to match our mermaid tails and allow you to swim exactly like a mermaid with a monotail. While our guarantee will cover them for a year with a free replacement if you get a tear or if it breaks, if you use one for years you will likely find some issues with it at some point. We break down when to replace a monofin and what to watch out for.

  • An obvious break or crack. If your monofin gets a large break or crack in it, then you will definitely need to replace it or you won't be able to swim as well. Water can start to get into the crack and will fill the monofin with water, which will make it much more difficult to swim with your fin. If your monofin has a piece broken off, you will have the same issue with water coming in, but you will also find that your swimming is more off-balanced and it could affect your swimming ability in the water. The safest thing is to order a new one and get it replaced as soon as possible.
  • It's been outgrown. Perhaps your little one started in a smaller child's size monofin and now needs a larger one for her to keep swimming properly. Kids grow up quickly and if she's outgrown her monofin, it's quite likely she's outgrown the tail as well. You can purchase both or you can purchase them separately, depending on your need, but it's best to not crush her feet in a monofin that is too small for her.
  • You need a new color. In some cases, it's really all about the look. If you are a professional mermaid, you may need multiple tail and monofin color options for your performances. If that's the case, make sure you get all the colors you need in one of the best monofins on the market.
  • If your feet begin to slide around. Ours are designed to snugly fit your feet and not allow you to slip around, but after years of use you may find that they aren't working quite as well in that department. If that's the case, make sure you get a new monofin that will offer a little tighter of a fit and feel for your swimming needs.
  • Worn out Velcro. After years of use, even Velcro can get worn out and if you're unable to tighten up your fin as you swim, it may be time for you to order a new one.
  • If you share your monofin. Sharing is caring, but not necessarily when it comes to monofins. If you let someone else wear it who has a larger foot than you, yours may become stretched out too much to use properly. If this happens, you may need to order a new monofin for yourself to fit more comfortably and not restrict you from doing any mermaid tricks.

Whatever your reason for needing to replace your monofin, we have a great selection to choose from that are patented and made to last through all the tricks and flips you can put them through. Knowing when to replace your monofin is stress- and hassle-free with us.