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Product Guarantee

We promise excellent quality:

warrantyWe are happy to replace tails or monofins that break, tear, or rip free for one year when used as directed.  We include our protector tip stickers for free with every tail.  Failure to use your stickers will void your warranty.  Another option to protect your tail and keep your warranty in tact is to apply DIY silicone.  We are working to have silicone pre-applied to all our tails, in the meantime you can see the process here.  

In the rare event that there a manufacturing defect (quality of workmanship, sewing) with either our mermaid tails, swimming suits, or monofins, we will either replace or repair the item at no additional cost to the customer. Defective items must be verified prior to receiving a replacement or repair.

Contact us for more information if you have an item that you feel qualifies.  We have an excellent customer service team that is dedicated to ensuring all our mermaids are happy mermaids.  Our customer service is unparalleled!  Email us support at or call us M-F excluding holidays, 9am - 5pm MST at 1-844-SUN-TAIL

Clearanced items are not under any warranty. They may be exchanged unused for a different size (if available).  New (non-clearanced) items can be returned for a refund or exchange in unused, unworn, unwashed, new condition (trying on is okay).

Note: Because of the nature of mermaid tail fabric, the sport itself, and the many different textures of swimming pools and pool decks/patios, we cannot be responsible and there is no guarantee for misuse of our mermaid tails. Normal wear and tear of mermaid tails includes the loss of sparkle and the wearing of holes, especially around the edges and tips of the fin and anywhere the swimmer rubs the tail on the pool or deck surface.

We include free protector stickers in our mermaid tail + monofin sets that MUST be used with your mermaid tail and monofin to qualify for our guarantee.  Protector stickers are meant to be temporary 'training wheels' while you learn to keep your delicate mermaid tail from scraping on rough pool surfaces.  If the stickers fall off before you've learned how to use your tail, you may order more. 

We absolutely cannot guarantee our products when used with another brand's monofin.

We wish we could promise you the moon:

hole in fabric

While our monofin plastic is capable of taking quite a beating, mermaid tails aren't -- that's just the nature of fabric mermaid tails. Imagine tying a spandex bathing suit to your feet and spending a few hours walking around the swimming pool, walking or hopping across the pool deck, standing and hopping in a pool, etc. How do you think the the swim suit would hold up on your feet? Not so great, right? Now imagine stretching your bathing suit over your child's monofin, how do you think it will look at the end of their day of play?

We have protector tip stickers that come free with every mermaid tail bundle. They help protect your mermaid tail from scrapes and can even mend holes and tears. But they aren't infallible. Please continue to instruct your mermaids to be careful with their tails. Make sure your swimmer is not rubbing or scraping any part of the tail on the pool surfaces and to be as gentle as they can be.

If your tail seems to have unusually fast wear and tear despite using our protector tips, please contact us.