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Mermaid Themed Parties

Mermaid Themed Parties

Planning the perfect mermaid themed party is a necessity for anyone who has a mermaid in their life, adult or child. Depending on their age, the party planning may differ a bit, but with our ideas, we have you covered. From food to drinks to decorations, we have everything you’ll need to bring the sea to land. Check out our mermaid themed parties now!

Mermaid Themed Food:

  • Ocean Water Punch: to create this delectable drink, you’ll need 1 bottle of pineapple juice, 1 bottle of lemon-lime soda, and 1 bottle of Blue Hawaiian punch. Mix together and serve!
  • Pretzel driftwood: pretzel sticks are perfect for this.
  • Shells and cheese: mac and cheese anyone?
  • Crab legs: for those who aren’t afraid of eating “crab” give them these baby carrots for a healthy and tasty snack.
  • Clam shells: you’ll need two Nilla wafers with some frosting and a round “pearl” for each one.
  • Swedish fish: of course having a jar of these is a necessity. This can also be a fun guessing game for the party!
  • Coral candy: get some rock candy in pretty blues and greens and set them in a jar of white gumdrops.
  • Starfish cookies: with the right cookie cutter and cookie icing, this is easy to do!
  • Seaweed: some green Sour Punch Straws will work perfectly for a tasty seaweed.

Mermaid Decorations:

  • Wall décor: there are a few different options for mermaid themed parties, but some of our personal favorites are taking a piece of cardboard, painting it green, putting some netting over it as well as some shells. For an added touch, add the birthday girl’s name to it in large letters. This can be a great option for behind the cake or just as wall décor. You can also create a scale wall backdrop. Take large posterboard, and purple, green, and blue colored paper cut into smaller pieces like scales and glue them on in a pretty pattern. You can use your Sun Tail mermaid tail as inspiration!
  • Purple, blue, and green balloons. Nothing says an under the sea birthday like a balloon arch in traditional mermaid colors or random gatherings of balloons spread throughout making for a perfect photoshoot.
  • Jellyfish paper lanterns. Take a traditional paper lantern and add some curled streamers to the bottom to create the perfect jellyfish decoration to adorn the room.
  • Seashells in vases. Put some sand and seashells in clear glass vases and set them around the room to help bring the sea to land for your party.
  • Seaweed walls. Tape some green party streamers to the walls in a twisted manner to create an underwater wonderland full of seaweed.

Mermaid Crafts:

No party is complete without some mermaid themed crafts and fun for the party-goers. Here are some of our favorites!

  • Mermaid tiaras: Purchase as many dollar store crowns as needed, as well as an assortment of seashells, pearls, and even rhinestones to add some bling. Give each girl a crown, and with adult supervision and assistance, help them glue the pieces to the dollar store crown to create a beautiful mermaid tiara to wear for the remainder of the party.
  • DIY shell hair pins: This is easy enough whether you live at the beach and can collect the shells or need to purchase some. Take hair pins, a hot glue gun, and create shell hair pins they can use in their hair for the party.
  • Shell painting: Set your partygoers up with some seashells, and an assortment of beautiful colored paints, some small brushes, and lots of newspaper underneath. They’ll have a blast creating their own perfect seashells.

Mermaid Party Games:

  • Underwater limbo: Decorate a broom handle or large stick with blue and green colored curling ribbon, then play some mermaid themed music while your guests do the limbo.
  • Mermaid tail race: If your attendees all have mermaid tails for the pool, set up a mermaid tail race and see who is the fastest mermaid at the party.
  • Mermaid treasure: Hide several treasures throughout the house and yard for your mermaids to find, and then set up a mermaid treasure cove for the pieces to be returned to. Give your mermaids a list of the treasures, and set them loose trying to find the missing pieces.
  • Mermaid freeze swim: Play mermaid songs and while your players dance around, they must make swimming motions. When the music stops, they must freeze like a sea witch turned them into a statue. Anyone who doesn’t freeze is caught by the sea witch and taken out of the game. The last mermaid standing is the winner.