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Monthly Photo Contest

mermaid tail photo contest

Love your Sun Tail Mermaid tail & monofin? Think your Sun Tail Mermaid swimsuit set is the bomb?  Let the world know!  Take a cute photo and submit it to our monthly photo contest for a chance to win cool prizes!  

Mermaid Photo Contest


  • You may enter as many times as you like as long as each new photo submitted is new. Please do not submit the same photo more than once.
  • Please submit NEW photos that you haven't shared with us previously.
  • Photos must feature visible Sun Tail Mermaid products. Sorry, but our monofin inside another company's (or homemade) tail skin won't be eligible.
  • Photos must not include other mermaid company's products in the shot.
  • When you post your entry you MUST include our URL in the caption:
  • Please no watermarks, graphics, or words added to the photos. If you win and you are a professional photographer we will be happy to tag you and promote your URL in our posts and on our website, but please do not watermark your entries.
  • Photos should be kid and family friendly! No adult themes or nudity, please.
  • Contest is open to everyone worldwide, HOWEVER, winners outside of the USA may need to pay shipping.  Though we will mark 'gift' on winner packages, winners outside of the USA may also be responsible for customs charges / duty taxes at the border -- we cannot control those at all.
  • Facebook has complete release by each entrant or participant. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

Entries that break any of the above rules will be disqualified and removed from the contest. If you have questions before you submit, feel free to ask us!

Winning Tips!

  • Make sure Sun Tail Mermaid products are featured prominently! (For example: It's okay if you're wearing our tail and monofin with a different swimsuit top. But it's not okay if our monofin is hidden inside another company's tail.)
  • Yes! You can submit photos of just our monofin or just our swimming suits. Entries don't need to have a mermaid tail to win.
  • We prefer outdoor photos. Poolside, lakeside, or on the beach is great! 
  • It is very challenging to take a winning photo indoors. We love to see all your Sun Tails photos, but a winning photo probably won't feature someone wearing a tail on the couch, lying in bed, or stretched out on carpeting unless lighting and position are really good!
  • If it's too cold for outdoor photos or you don't have access to a pretty location, you can improve your indoor shots by making sure the background is neutral and there is LOTS of natural light coming in through a window or a door.
  • Make sure your photos are uncluttered! Stray toys, piles of laundry, people, furnishings, wall decor... etc, shouldn't be in the background of your pictures!
  • Winning photos will be in focus and be in a high resolution format.
  • Some photo editing is okay (but not necessary): Make sure your photo is well lit and the colors are nicely saturated. But there is no need to go overboard with filters and touch ups. Sun Tails celebrates real people!
  • Mermaid make-up and accessories can be fun, but we do prefer natural looking photos.
  • We would LOVE to feature more diverse mermaids from different ethnic backgrounds (we are VERY white bread over here at Sun Tails headquarters!), and love celebrating mermaids and mermen of all shapes and sizes.  

Winning Examples:

Tiger Queen Mermaid tail with matching bikini

Why it's a good photo:

  1. We love outside shots with pretty backgrounds. You don't have to be by the ocean, a pool, or the lake, but DO make sure your background is nice or at least neutral.
  2. No miscellaneous people or objects cluttering up the background.
  3. Lighting is good.
  4. Sun Tail Mermaid products are clear.
  5. Clear and in focus.


 Shark fin cutie on the beachWhy it's a good photo:

  1. Mermaid tail is clear (her non-Sun Tails bikini top is okay).
  2. No miscellaneous people or objects in background.
  3. Natural lighting is great!
  4. Happy, smiling model.


Please note! Winning photos may also feature our shark fin, just our monofin (without a tail), or our bathing suits worn alone.  Entries do not need to include our mermaid tail, but are certainly welcome.

Photos that could be improved:

Please understand, we LOVE getting photos of all kinds from our customers, and would absolutely share photos like these on social media and our blog! But for a contest entry, you'll want to avoid some of these problems if you are hoping to win:

mermaid party in aurora borealis unicorn tail


  1. Watermark on photo.
  2. Other brand mermaid tails included in shot.
  3. Background is distracting.
  4. Too many people unrelated to subject.
  5. Our Sun Tail mermaid tail isn't fully in the photo.


Cute mermaid


  1. The background and other people are distracting.
  2. Miscellaneous toys and pool gear scattered about.
  3. We can't see the model's sweet face very clearly.

This picture could be a winner, if the miscellaneous items were removed, if the other people were told to move out of the shot, and the little girl was positioned just a little differently, so we could see her face better, she's a doll!


Sweet mermaid tail


  1. Furniture!

This mermaid is SUPER adorable, and this shot could be improved if, perhaps a white sheet were used to disguise the sofa. We might still choose this type of photo as a winner if, as in this one, the model is clear, happy, and in a good position to allow our designers to cut her out and Photoshop her into a more mermaidy setting. But do try to avoid including furniture in your entry. Submit this kind of photo only if you are confident that your mermaid is in a good position, has excellent lighting, and if you aren't able to choose a different setting.


Phew! That is a lot of information! We hope it's not overwhelming or discouraging, but helpful!  Please reach out to us if you have any questions. You are more than welcome to enter even if you can't manage the "perfect shot" -- we'll choose multiple winners each month! 

mermaid tails photo picture contest monthly giveaway free mermaid tails

How to enter:

  1. Take a photo of you (or your child) in Sun Tail Mermaid products and post the photo to your Facebook page.  (Post MUST be public so we can see it! If we can't see it, we can't choose your photo to win!)
  2. Post a description of your photo that INCLUDES our URL: (the URL is how we search for entries. If your photo doesn't have the URL in the description, it won't come up in our search and you won't be able to win!)
  • Example:  "I love my new mermaid tail from"
  • Example:  "My niece in the Bali Blush mermaid tail from"

Monthly contests run from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.  During the first week of the next month, at least one winner will be chosen from the previous month's entries.  Winners are selected at Sun Tail Mermaid's discretion.  Multiple winners may be chosen!


Prizes may change, here are our current prizes:

    • a Sun Tail Mermaid tail skin (you pick size and color),
      • a Sun Tail Mermaid bikini set (you pick size and color)!

      Winners will be contacted via email, and also announced within the first week of each new month on our blog and on all our social media channels.  Good luck!