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Mermaid Gift Ideas

Mermaid Gift Ideas

Whether you are the one obsessed with mermaids or you just know someone who is, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect gift. Luckily, that struggle is a thing of the past with our mermaid gift ideas. These are perfect for someone who may think she secretly is a mermaid or someone who just loves the splendor and beauty these mythical creatures offer.

Our mermaid gift ideas are perfect for holidays, birthdays, just because, and even for yourself gifts. Check out our suggestions!

  • A mermaid tail. Nothing would help bring those mermaid dreams to life like an actual mermaid tail. All of our tails allow you to swim in the ocean or pool like a real mermaid. We offer tail and monofin sets so you can easily kick around in the water and experience that type of life that's always been dreamt of. The best part, no sea witches necessary.
  • Mermaid swimsuits. If you aren't sure you're ready to give up your legs to go full mermaid, then a mermaid swimsuit is a great option instead. This will keep your legs free for running and playing on the shore, while also allowing expression of your love of mermaids and everything aquatic.
  • Mermaid leggings. Who says a love of mermaids has to be seasonal? We definitely feel that is a love that occurs year-round, and with mermaid leggings, you can channel your favorite mer-person all year long, even in the colder weather. The best part is that our leggings are designed to go in the water, so you can go for a swim on a warmer day, without having your feet put together in a tail. This can be a great option for someone who wants to swim like a mermaid but needs to ease themselves into it.
  • Mermaid cups. Let's face it, if you feel like your heart is with the ocean, then you'll want to start each day with that thought, so a mermaid mug or cup is the perfect way to do so. Mermaid mugs can come in a variety of styles, from some shaped like tails to others that feature some of our favorite mermaids from books and movies.
  • A mermaid tail blanket. Sometimes it's just too cold to go out into the water, and when that's the case, snuggling up with a mermaid tail blanket is another great option. Snuggle with a warm tail while the weather is cold, and then get back in the water with a realistic mermaid tail when the weather heats back up.
  • Mermaid makeup. Nowadays, it is easy to find mermaid makeup sets as well as makeup accessories that will help you to channel your favorite mythical creature. From dinglehopper brush sets to bright aquatic colors that'll help you do your makeup just like a mermaid, there is something for every makeup lover.
  • Beach towels. Every mermaid or human needs a good beach towel to dry off with after a swim in the ocean or pool, and with so many that are mermaid themed, you are sure to find one that speaks to you. Depending on your preference, you may want one that is mermaid scales printed on it or you may prefer one that features your favorite mermaid.
  • Beach themed pillows and decor. We know that as much as you may want to constantly be in the ocean or near the ocean, sometimes that's just not possible. If you live away from the salty air, then a beach themed pillow is a great way to bring a little bit of the ocean into your home. Depending on your preference, you are sure to find an item you love. The same thing goes for other beach themed d├ęcor. You may prefer to set up some seashells and sand in your bathroom to help bring that spirit into your home or you may even want a mermaid shower curtain to really drive home the fact you are a fish out of water.
  • Ocean candles. Even if you live in a land-locked state, you can bring a part of the ocean to you with the beautiful smell of ocean candles. From sea salt to boardwalks, there are so many varieties out there, especially during the summertime. You may even find an option that has a mermaid on the outside!

Any of these mermaid gifts would make a great option for a mermaid lover. They'll bring her or you closer to their mermaid roots and allow a nice reminder of a love for all things merpeople.