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Thank you!! She absolutely loves it! - Kelle D.


Brilliant! My granddaughter loves her pink mermaid tail. Much thanks and gratitude for speedy shipping, even overseas.

- Nana Georgie

Dear Sun Tails,

We love the monofin and the tail. Is there any way we could do to show people the movie of Julia swimming with them?

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful Barbie mermaid outfits! My girls are over the moon excited, and it makes waiting for the blue tail much more fun!

Thanks so much!
Jillan Hanel

Best gift EVER!!!  My girls love their mermaid tails and monofins! They've been using them all month while we've been lucky enough to be in Cancun for my DH's work. I think we've sold a dozen more for you, lol!

Thank you for such beautiful designs!

- Sandy, mom of twins

I just wanted to write and thank your customer service girl, Kat. She was so attentive and helpful and found ways for me to save by buying the bundles, and located a coupon code for me, and the free shipping was amazing. We'll be back, thanks Sun Tails!

- Fledgling Mermaid Swim School Teacher

The quality is amazing. We've tried all the monofins out there I think, lol, and this is the absolute best. Cute colors, cute design, and best of all - NO STRAPS to fall off. We love it.

- Elsie and JoHanna

Thank you, we love it!

- Rakelle

My daughter is eating breakfast in her new Dragon Tail as I write this. I'm sending a picture, but please don't publish it - it's just for you and your staff.  She wore it all day yesterday after it arrived, and I had to bribe her to take it off for bed.  It's so soft, I suppose I could have let her wear it, ha ha! Anyway, thanks for making one for my little girl!

- Abby S.

happy customers with mermaid tails

Here are my happy girls in their mermaid tails, they love them! Thank you!

- Angelika

suntail mermaids

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