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Mermaid Tails for Swimming

swimmable mermaid tails

Swim, Walk, Play - Mermaid Tails

Whether you love spending time at the beach or poolside, the water is calling. Make a splash with your very own mermaid tail! The dream of becoming a magical siren of the sea can be a reality with our selection of mermaid tails.

Tail + Monofin Sets Mermaid Tail Skins

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When looking for this type of magical addition, you want an option as close to the real thing as possible. What good is being a mermaid if you can't swim in your tail? While some mermaid tails are meant only for walking the shoreline rather than taking a dip in the deep waters, ours are made for both sea and shore! When you need a mermaid tail for swimming, find the perfect choice right here. Our tails are swimmable and walkable (you can remove the monofin and pull them up for walking), and let you live the mermaid life in vivid color. We have sparkly mermaid tails or smooth and silky premium realistic scale tails for you to choose from. There is a color sure to suit any preference with our collection of mermaid tails for swimming. Do you or your little mermaid in training love the deep blues of the ocean? Are you more into rainbow-colored scales? Does your daughter love all things pink and sparkly? Are you more of a sea monster or dragon kind of siren? Whatever your take on the mermaid trend, we have the tail you need to make a splash!

When shopping for the right option for you or your little mermaid in the making, you can choose between options with just the tail or options with tail and monofin included. If this is your first mermaid tail, the combo is a great way to go. If you already have your fin as a more experienced mermaid, just the tail option will give your wardrobe more range for stylish scales. Regardless of which option is right for you or the desired color, we are confident you will find something sure to add some magic to your next day by the shore. Order today and make a splash!

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