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Orange Sparkle Toddler Mermaid Tail

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Pint-sized mermaid tails for toddlers and little kids ages 2 - 5! Fun for dress up, costume play, or supervised use in the water. Designed for younger children who aren't yet strong swimmers, the toddler tails are shorter, and fit more like a skirt. They do not work with a monofin.

Orange sparkles shimmer and glimmer all over this lovely mermaid tail. Sparkles will wear off over time, especially if rubbed on rough surfaces, so be careful! Please note that the sparkles are under no warranty.

Toddler Mermaid Tails for Swimming 

Size XS fits kids ages 2 - 3. Size S fits kids ages 4 - 5.

If you have a strong swimmer ready for a monofin according to our safety guidelines, you can size up to a child size M, it will be big, but some kids like to pull them up to their armpits and wear as a strapless mermaid dress.

*Please note that the sparkles will fall off at some point and are under no warranty.* 


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